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Welcome To HIS TALITHA CUMI MINISTRIES Salvation, Deliverance, Healing, Purpose & Destiny

This is a place of hope, meaning, and purpose. Visit become a part of something bigger - a movement that is changing lives.

Wealth is your portion, Deuteronomy 8:18 You Shall & Will Prosper,
As Your Soul Prospers.
BELIEVE IT! rOMANS 8:28 There is nothing good or evil that god won't use to bless you! All things are working together for my good.


His Talitha Cumi Ministries is not a traditional ministry. But it is proof through a powerful testimony that no matter what man says we were created for a Divine Purpose, and Glorious Destiny that can only be fulfilled through a relationship with Christ! This ministry is determined, by the inspiration and guidance of The Holy Spirit to serve people by helping them walk in the fullness of their purpose and destiny. We do this by invalidating the impossibilities created by society, race, age, sex, social status, or any other spiritual or natural lie that may try to oppress or destroy the life of Christ Jesus in us, by trying to stop His purpose for our lives. John 8:32 The truth shall set us free!


Prophet Alarcon acquired a certificate of completion on abuser intervention facilitator and a certificate of completion on domestic violence in 2009, since then by the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit and the proper sources she has bless and help families, men, and women, children that have suffered domestic violence. Prophet Nadgee Alarcon has been a tremendous help and a blessing to different individuals, shelters, and organizations that are dedicated to help educate and rescue the ones that are under the control and attack of DV.  More over is the desire of Nadgee Alarcon to bless families not in her own strength or power but by the Spirit of the lord and by the word of God, all we need to over come and enjoy the promised Victory is in having Faith in God, reading His word and trusting in His ways.Come to him Ministry

(caring for the life of those in need of prayer, food, cloth, shelter and support) HTCM cares about others the way Christ do, we go around different states taking not only a word of hope but a tangible evidence that our Savior cares and have gave us all the opportunity to be His mouth, eyes and arms to help change the life of others as He changes ours.  He Himself was without a place to rest His head so that we could have one.  All we could do by His grace and according to His will; we do not limit His Love.

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