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Prophet Nadgee Alarcon HIS TALITHA CUMI

Prophet Nadgee Alarcon Founded His Talitha Cumi Ministries in 2009. Nadgee Alarcon is a philanthropist who has dedicated her self to study and prepare hereself in difernt fields to better help other individuals through the Ministry; she has received Associate Degree in Bible Studies, Christian Counseling, a Certificate of Completion for Domestic Violence and Abuser Intervention Facilitator, as well in Focusing in Children. In the las 5 years she started a voluntary service in her community for over with Habitat for Humanity alongside her Ministry in the State of Georgia and soon after became part of the Staff till this present day. Prophet Nadgee worked full time in the Ministry for over 10 years, as a personal intercessor for the Apostle and Prophet of a Mega Church in the City of Miami, was a Teacher in the University, an overseer to different departments, collaborating in many other areas in the same Church. Nadgee Alarcon is a Powerful Influential Leader to the Youth Ministry and a helper to carry the vision of the Local Church; all combined has empowered her to bring positive changes to the community in general.

Nadgee is a daughter, sister, friend a woman of God, a Christ lover, radical worshiper, passionate visionary, versatile entrepreneur, fashion designer and powerful influential leader; a child of God with a humble spirit that enables the prophetic anointing in her life to bring miracles, salvation, healing, deliverance, and restoration to the life of the people she ministers to as she preaches and teaches the word of the Lord. Nadgee Alarcon has an uncompromising determination to keep growing in her relationship with Jesus Christ, Prophet Nadgee is on an endless grow becoming more knowledgeable – sensitive, kindhearted in the needs of the body of Christ, developing a relentless passion to help build and edify in the life of people for them to reach and walk in the fullness of their personal purpose and destiny, to be a force of positive impact to their cities & communities. As she is taking new dimensions she pursues to study the Word of God, this to her is what she calls “The only way we keep an unadulterated the prophetic as it comes out of the mouth of the prophets” She walks with the conviction that the prophetic is not just a good cheerful word that anyone can speak, but that the prophetic is the Glory Manifestation of God’s Love to restore, plant, edify the purpose and destiny that our Heavenly Father has for each one of us; and it is also the evidence of the supernatural power of Christ to uproot, to tear down, to destroy all the works of the enemy.

As a Prophet and as a Woman, Nadgee Alarcón is relentlessly passionate to see others walk in the fullness of their purpose for their lives, this is the mission of her God given Ministry, His Talitha Cumi Ministries. HTCM is unity, passion, dedication, love and service to God and His people.