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Who We Are

The name Talitha Cumi is found in the book of Mark 5:38-43 and was given to Nadgee by the Holy Spirit as the foundation on which to build His Talitha Cumi Ministries. The bible tells of a powerful story of a young girl who was assumed dead by all who saw her, but because of the very presence of Jesus she was commanded to arise from that place of death, and live! We all have experienced moments in our lives when we seem to be ignored, with no importance, or literally dead according to others, but like His word declares we are not dead! So we must arise! His Talitha Cumi Ministries is dedicated to seeing people arise and fulfill the purpose of God for their lives. As a Christian Ministry, we are not based on religion, but in having a relationship with God. We are committed to seeing souls saved and delivered. This Ministry is passionate about serving the people of God by helping them to discover, understand, and fulfill their purposes and destinies in life. His Talitha Cumi Ministries, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, provides families with Biblical Counseling.


The transition to His Talitha Cumi Ministries began on 2006 when the Lord called Nadgee Alarcón to come out of the four walls of the church. The intercession deliverance, teaching and the prophetic anointing was taken by God into a greater dimension with maturity and passion to fulfill the work of the Lord. Nadgee’s relationship with God not only marked her own life with salvation, deliverance, & restoration, but the lives of her own family members and even countless amounts of people she has been able to reach through His Talitha Cumi Ministries.


His Talitha Cumi Ministries not only that it has come to break tradition but also to establish by the Holy Spirit hope through the Love of God that all of us have been called to greater works, that there is a powerful weapon and exceptional design in the inside of each one of us and there is no doubt in this; for what God called His Talitha Cumi Ministries, there is no room for nothing but victory against the works of evil, because, what the Lord gave this ministry is beyond religion and churchy little games; there is no room for faith without work, or building without Jesus Christ being the foundation. “Many are called, but few are chosen”, God calling upon this ministry to help individuals, families, and survivors of domestic violence, through Christian Counseling, Prayer of Intersession , Destiny & Purpose Workshops, & Spiritual Builders Sessions.


The Lord chose us from out of the graves to be in heavenly places, His Talitha Cumi Ministries has been ordained to preach the gospel, to prophesy, to deliver the bound, to heal the sick, to mend the broken hearted, to remove the veil that blinds the people from the absolute truth which is Jesus Christ by the revelation of the word of God. We have purposed ourselves to give others what truly has sustained us and helped us to reach and accomplish our dreams and God-given hearts desires, and that is a true, pure, consecrated intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, NOT religion!