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Meet Our Team

Throughout the scripture we can find different testimonies of different leaders, who were called and set apart by God with divine purpose and a special mission to fulfill and to reach the destination which the Lord predestined for them as leaders; it is noteworthy that these leaders were walking alone with God to receive the vision and design with divine instructions that would guide and help them achieve visible and tangible manifestation of the supernatural design of God; however the Lord added to them loyal servants, faithful man and woman who will help fulfill the vision of God given to them. Some of these leaders we can mention, such as Moses, David, Esther, Ruth and many others including Jesus our Savior. For example to Moses was given his brother Aaron and then Joshua so that he could free the people of Israel from Egypt into the promise land, in the case of David, Jonathan (son of King Saul) became a faithful and unconditional friend who helped preserve the life of David, from the hand of Saul, so that later David could become king in the place of Saul father of Jonathan, Esther with the help of Mordecai was able to intercede with king Ahasuerus on behave of her people and achieve free the Jewish nation from the decree of death made by Haman; Ruth meanwhile, with the help of Booz was able to restore the life of her mother-in-law Noemi and last but not least our Lord and Savior Jesus, had John the Baptist, who was assigned to prepare the way for Him, and announce His coming; later John the beloved disciple was with Jesus and His Mother, Mary, till the end. Today, Prophet Nadgee Alarcon, has been called and given a vision to fulfill through HTCM; and by the grace and favor of the Lord, divine helpers chosen by the hand of God has been set apart to be with this woman of God so that she can enforce the entrusted mission from the Lord. Nadgee Alarcon is very proud and deeply grateful to these faithful and loyal God given team, for believing in the calling and vision that our Heavenly Father put in her heart and life.